solving interesting problems

We work with some clients directly, and we partner with other service providers on select projects, lending our leadership and functional expertise to their teams. In order to protect proprietary information shared in these collaborations, we talk about our projects at a high level. If you’d like learn more about how our project experience fits with your specific needs, please contact us.

what we're working on...

educational data analysis
combining data science, learning and fun

We're driving the development of a cutting-edge tool for analysis of real-time game-play data for kids ages 2-8 online designed to help game developers build more educational games, and help parents guide and support their kids learning activities online.

new frontiers in kids educational games
pioneering 3D collaborative environments

We've spearheaded the development of a ground-breaking 3D, collaborative game space for school-aged kids, where they can team up with gaming partners from anywhere in the country to solve simple spatial and mathematical challenges to earn rewards.

global intranet challenges
moving from static to social

We're working collaboratively with a team of intelligent, focused professionals in the process of transforming their intranet from a static library to a living, breathing online collaboration space.


some teams we've worked with...

PBS | PBS KIDS | PBS KIDS Ready to Learn

Gate Gourmet International | Hamiltonian Foundation & Gallery | Pendare Strategy Partners

ETS-NAEP | Freedom House | New York City Charter School Center | United Way Worldwide