we're a little bit different.

When we first started working together back in 2000, we discovered that we shared a very unique set of professional goals and standards that reflected our intellectual curiosity and demanding set of standards. We founded the Incredible Pear because we wanted to do our work the way we know it should be done -- with a real commitment to intelligence, excellence and integrity.

We don't spend a lot of time talking a big game, we'd rather use that energy to help people capitalize on opportunities to define, optimize and reach their goals. We're out there making incredible things happen because we seek out and master challenges that allow us to learn, experience and expand our own horizons while solving interesting problems and creating better outcomes for our clients.

things we believe in...

being light on our feet

Being a small company gives us flexibility and agility larger firms just don't have.

being scientists at heart (and at work)

With backgrounds in physics and mathematics, we can say we're not afraid of hard problems -- in fact, we rather like them. Not only because the challenge helps us constantly improve our skills, but because hard problems are the most gratifying to solve.

We're motivated by curiosity and a love of learning, so we're constantly testing, evaluating and evolving our approach to everything from design and engineering to project management and documentation. We never get tired of looking for better ways to do things.

And if science has taught us anything, it's that there is usually more than one way to solve a problem. We also know the best solution is not always the easiest, which is why we're committed to seeking optimal outcomes that provide the most value over the longest term.


things we've learned...

process is all about people

A development process will only deliver positive results if it's right for both the project and the people. We work with every client to develop a custom process approach for every project -- designed to meet each organization where (and how) it operates -- in order to get from kickoff to launch with maximum success.

prefab isn't always so fab

Real problem solving is a creative process, and no two problems are exactly alike. We make the most of best-in-class tools and methods, but pre-fab, one-size-fits-all approaches are not our style.